I regularly receive e-mails from young women wishing to become an Escort Girl.

Without a good dose of optimism, willingness and that strength of character that drives me, I would have thrown in the towel for a long time.Long Island Escorts


I love my job and recognize that it has greatly improved my quality of life. The company of gentlemen is agreeable to me and I admit that exercising successfully at my age is a privilege.
But I evolve in a pitiless environment, where all the blows are allowed, and the less the city is big, and the more the blows are low, the supply being greater than the demand. But the purpose of virtual book is not to complain about my condition, I chose it, I assume it. Nor is there a question here of painting a blackboard of this very pleasant activity in certain respects, but of treating uncompromisingly, with realism and humor, a subject that has often been tackled in the media and literature.

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